Lea Milanović

Pozdravimo multitalentiranu mladu umjetnicu Leu Milanović iz Zagreba. Očekuje vas nastup prepun životnog veselja, koji uostalom Leu i odlikuje i po čemu je se prepoznaje. Lea, dobro nam došla!

Lea Milanović is a 19 years old artist who lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. She studies oriental dancing since she was 11, besides that she plays percussion instruments,  makes jewellery and dance costumes and also she paints. She’s been studying different dancing techniques in dancing school “Ritam plesa” by Nina Stepić Čupić  for almost 8 years and occasionally stepping in as a substitute teacher when Nina’s not around.  She won multiple awards as a part of her current dancing group Meral, also lead by Nina. In 2015 Lea won second place in solo category on a dance festival in Zagreb.  She learned from many recognised names such as  Randa Kamel, Khaled Mahmoud,  Azad Kaan and many others,  and is still perfecting her dance on frequent shows in Croatia and abroad.