Vanja Marić-Kovačević

Vanja Grofica Maric Kovacevic has been active Oriental dancer ever since 2009. Back then she started cooperating with Kazo Group. She went later to perform in Banja Luka’s National Theathre (September, 2009), then at Sarajevo Film Feastival and other places in BiH. In early 2010.Vanja become a member of Oriana&Oria Dance Studio in Banjaluka lead by Kala Shadi (February 2010. – February 2017.). In February 2017.Vanja started her own school of dance named Mafdet, together with her dance friend Ines Bejtić.Now she haves two groups, Oriental Mafdet and Tribal Fusion Mafdet. She is also proud Zumba fitness instructor of two groups in Banja luka , 4 years from now. Vanja is perfecting both styles, (Oriental & Tribal Fusion), both of them have special place in her hearth because of its unique magic components. She often likes to point out that people should try and do more in life, in order to find out what they truly love, as for her, Vanja truly loves Dance. For her it is the unique and somewhat only and best way to express howshe actually feels.Immense support she haves from her beloved Husband Danijel, as well as her parents. Vanja’s awards: 1st place Dance Fest Novi Sad with Moss group O&O 2013.year 1st place at Dance Fest Novi Sad with Dina group O&O 2014.year 1st place at Dance Fest Novi Sad Solo category 2014.year 3rd place at Inter Dance Fest Sarajevo Solo category 2015.year 3rd place at Oriental Fairytales in Belgrade Rising Star category 2016.year 1st place at Oriental Love in Belgrade Princess category 2017.year 2nd place at Oriental Fairytales in Belgrade Fusion category 2018.year 1st place at Venus festival in Greece Fusion category 2018.year She is a frequent visitor of Dance workshops, how at home as well as abroad. Here is a list of people Vanja has had a chance to both learn from and work with: Oriental WS – Tito Seif, Randa Kamel,Mohamed Kazafy,Anna Borisova, Mercedes Nieto, Wael Mansour, Aleksei Riaboshapka, Prince Kayamer/Anastasios Kokkotas, Dariya Mitshkevich, Leila Oriental, Diva Darina, Marta Korzun, Nika Mlakar, Jamilah, Kathreen Derouet, Camilla Lombardi, Elena Dahabeya, Nadia Stoykova, Julia Farid Torgonska, Bartos Noemi, Martina Tellini, Kristina Derkach, Marta Abir Lencer, Leandro Ferreyra, Pablo Acosta, Amir Thaleb, Ali Nejm, Marina Oganyan, Artem Uzunov, Anjela Atanasova, Amra Smajić, Tanja Mirić, Inessa Aruena, Mateja Mikulan, Nikolina Nina Meral, Iris Bellyrina, Gordana Mincic ex Stevanovic, etc. Tribal WS: Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Manca Pavli, Illan Riviere, Giulio Dillemi, Susan Frankovich, Violet Scrap, Olga Meos, Josefine Wandel, Paola Blanton, Kala Shadi etc.