Ksenija Visket i Zahir skupina

When the question about oriental dance in Maribor (Slovenia) arises, the answer is PLESNA DELAVNICA ZAHIR, led by charismatic Ksenija Visket. At the beginning of her dancing career, Ksenija was a dancer of modern and contemporary dance at Stil, the most famous dance group of that time. After a long pause, she returned 15 years ago and was immediately enthusiastically involved in Slovenia’s world of oriental dance. The desire was growing and she made a decision. In October 2008, a small oriental oasis called HIŠA ZAHIR (HOUSE ZAHIR) was opened in the center of (the second biggest city in Slovenia,) Maribor.


The credit for Slovenia being regularly involved in oriental belly dance world go straight to her. She has been working with the biggest stars of oriental dance, therefore Slovenian dancers can learn from the best, even from the legends. She organizes workshops with the world-renowned oriental dancers every year. Among these are maestro Hossam Ramzy, Karim Nagi, Jillina with her BDE team and last but not least, the legendary researcher and dancer Morocco (Aunt Rocky) who is still her mentor and teacher. Ksenija regularly educates herself both at home and abroad (currently in Vienna with Katerina Joumanova and Keti Sharif), she takes part in various festivals, runs courses in her dance studio in Maribor and organizes dance workshops. During weekends, she trains in her studio.


Her philosophy in life is: “Life gives you just the right amount of everything you need, so be always grateful!”