Salam Ghazeea

SALAM GHAZEEA is a dance society from Ljubljana (Slovenia) that teaches oriental classical and folklore dances, Indian classical and Bollywood dances as well as Persian dances. The society also has its own dance group performing on international stages since 2005. SALAM GHAZEEA dance group participated on several international festivals and it has also created and performed several dance shows as »The Caravan of Dance«, »The Son of the Moon«, »In the way she moves« (Nešto u njenom plesu) and the Persian dance show »Seven stories«. The leader of SALAM GHAZEEA dance society is an experienced dancer, dancing teacher and choreographer VESNA JEVŠENAK.

The dancers from SALAM GHAZEEA will show us flamenco oriental choreography made by Vesna Jevšenak. Flamenco oriental is a modern musical and dancing fusion of flamenco and oriental elements. It will connect us with the expansive energy and strength of flamenco, with the subtlety and sensuality of oriental Dance.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a passionate, temperament and seductive lady. Get ready for CARMEN.