Tribal fusion

Ita Fuček

Osebujan ples i stil koji je pomno osmišljavala tijekom posljednjih godina, našu sljedeću instruktoricu učinili su prepoznatljivom na sceni u Hrvatskoj i izvan nje. Ona i njene Walde nezaustavljivo osvajaju publiku svojim šarmom i moćnim nastupima sa scimitarima.

Isolations, Combinations and Control:

Tijekom radionice osvrnut ćemo se na samu plesnu osnovu i njezin značaj kod izolacija nakon čega slijedi kombinacija pokreta s naglaskom na kontroli i tehnici.


After growing up in and with sports I have settled for dance as a substitute for more intense sport related activities about 6 years ago.

After falling in love with dance in general I began training Egyptian Oriental Dance( this also included oriental pop and oriental folklore).

After a relatively short period of time I moved on to Tribal Fusion and Bharatanatyam as I found those styles to be more suited for my interests.

I had to abandon Bharatanatyam after on e year of training as my time schedule did not allow the pursuit of this difficult dance form further. I am, however, grateful to this dance form for strength coordination and sense of body in space. Bharatanatyam is still a source of inspiration.

After moving away from Egyptian Oriental Dance and Bharatanatyam I decided to turn solely towards Tribal Fusion and specialize for scimitars as props (baladi and tribal steel scimitars).

I am a founder, trainer and leader of a small dance troup ” Walde” (the troup now has 10 performing members and a smaller number of students)-in our vocabulary we use Tribal Fusion, ATS, Indian Fusion, Dark Fusion, theatrical performance and variety of props.